About Us


Going through a life-changing event can take a real toll on your mood, energy, and mindset. As breast cancer survivors, we know how hard it is to find that tiny ray of hope in your life and cling to it. That is precisely why we decided to channel our experience into a premium feel-good box packed with positive vibes.

Who Are We?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Nacole and Keisha, two aspiring entrepreneurs who share a common dream; make every single day positive. That is why we founded Le Bella and Co, a minority and female-owned business that offers superior-quality subscription boxes and gift ideas.

What’s In The Box?

Our luxury boxes are filled with top-end, reusable products that add value to every recipient’s life, help uplift their mood, and evoke heart-warming emotions – every time they open a new box.

You can pamper yourself by subscribing to your feel-good boxes, surprise your loved ones with a sensational gift or offer our boxes as corporate gifts.

What Makes Our Boxes Stand Out?

In the era of pandemics, stress, and crisis, you can discover a box that will act as a ray of hope and put a smile on your face.